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Useful tables and data

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List of relevant valve standards
Range of trim materials (API 600)
Pressure ratings according to DIN 2401
Dimensions socket weld  (ANSI/ASME B16.11)
Dimensions butt weld  (ANSI/ASME B16.25)
Maximum allowable working pressures acc. to ANSI B16.34 - API 602
Pressure/temperature ratings to ANSI B16.34 
Valve seat leakage classification in accordance to ANSI/FCI 70-3-2004
European ATEX Guidelines for the Valve Industry (CEIR)
Position Paper on WEEE & RoHS Directives for the Valves Industry (CEIR)
Glossary - valve terminology explained


Flange facings acc. to EN 1092-1
Dimensions of gaskets for PN6 flanges to EN1514-1
Dimensions of gaskets for PN10 flanges to EN1514-1
Dimensions of gaskets for PN16 flanges to EN1514-1
Dimensions of gaskets for FF flanges to DIN 86071
Most common Flange/Gasket types
Flange/Gasket types


Temperature units conversion table
Unit conversion tables (other units)
Steam table
Chemical formulas
Materials equivalent table (metals)
Chemical resistance chart (metals & non-metals)

Control Valves

Control valve calculation (theory - short)
Cavitation in control valves (Samson)

Bolting & flange joints

Pipe flange bolting guide (Aztec Bolting Services Inc)
Bolted Joint Design (Fastenal)
Bolting Guidelines (Thermoseal)

Valve Sizing

Valve sizing calculations (Emerson)
Valve sizing calculations (Warren Controls)

Safety Relief Valves

Relief valve orifice sizes

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