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Sempell awarded valves contract for NPP Fangchenggang Unit 3 + 4 in China
     Sempell was recently awarded the contract for the supply of equipment to Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant unit 3 and 4 in China. It is one of the first commercial reactors of type Hualong-1 (Dragon-1; HPR1000) based on a three-loop design. In August 2014 the National Nuclear Security Administration of China classified the design as a Generation III reactor design, with independently owned intellectual property rights.
The scope of supply for Sempell GmbH includes 6 Pressurizer Safety Relief Valve Stations (PSRV) for the primary circuit and 6 Main Steam Relief Isolation Valve Stations (MSRIV) for the secondary circuit. Both valves systems are medium-operated and are subject to highest requirements for safety, reliability and quality. Sempell has many years of experience with these design applications and their operation in NPPs in Europe, Asia and South America within different types of reactors. The applied MSRIV design was already successfully supplied for NPP Taishan of EPR type in China, now in the commissioning phase for unit 1.
In addition, the company Griss in France, another supplier within Sempell's nuclear group, received the order for the Main Steam Safety Valve (MSSV) for the secondary circuit, dedicated to secondary circuit overpressure protection. This is a spring-loaded safety relief valve which will be installed in one system together with the MSRIV.
"The success with the Fangchenggang project is a major step for our company in order to strengthen our position in the nuclear market in general. In particular, this success strengthens our position as a reliable supplier for the latest reactor generation designed in China not only for the Chinese but also for export market."

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