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Sealing Systems Matter - a FSA White Paper

Choosing Mechanical Seals to Optimize Life Cycle Cost, Safety and Environmental Compliance
     The Fluid Sealing Association, an international trade association of sealing device manufacturers, has established an educational initiative called Sealing Systems Matter. A primary objective of the initiative is to influence the decision-making process applied to the rolex replica watches purchase, specification, and upgrade of sealing systems used in the process industries and municipalities. In today’s highly competitive market, an increasing number of users and specifiers are buying sealing systems on the basis of initial cost, at the expense of higher lifetime costs to their operations in terms of energy consumption, water usage, effluent treatment, chronic maintenance cost, and perhaps reduced ability to keep abreast of their safety and environmental responsibilities.
Sealing Systems Matter will promote educated decision-making based on total life cycle cost (LCC), thereby accounting for the costs associated with energy consumption, water usage, seal maintenance, equipment maintenance, productivity losses, and environmental monitoring.
Sealing Systems Matter will utilize newly developed educational materials, on-site training programs, technical presentations, and software tools to take the LCC message to facilities owners, plant managers, operators, contractors, engineers, consultants, and other stakeholders.
Optimization of sealing systems represents a significant opportunity for North American industry to save energy, improve equipment reliability and availability, keep abreast of changing environmental and safety regulations, and increase process plant productivity. Case studies have shown that better system design and more effective application of mechanical seals and
seal support systems can save substantial amounts of energy through decreased process dilution. This represents a large, frequently overlooked savings opportunity. In addition, this same attention to the selection of seal technology and operation of the entire system can improve plant safety and environmental compliance, reduce water consumption, improve equipment reliability and reduce overall maintenance costs.
The Sealing Systems Matter initiative is the result of the collaborative efforts of members of the Fluid Sealing Association. Its purpose is to educate users and specifiers of mechanical seals and seal support systems in the cost reduction opportunities available to them, and to provide education and tools designed to assist in the decision-making process. This includes a software tool to assist in the calculation of comparative life cycle costs for the inevitable array of alternatives facing them when selecting and buying seals for use in their rotating equipment.
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The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) is an international trade association. Founded in 1933, membership today represents over 85% of the manufacturing capacity for fluid sealing devices in North America.
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The Fluid Sealing Association
994 Old Eagle School Road #1019
Wayne, PA 19087
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