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Dixon acquires bellows seal valve manufacturer Eagle America
dixon eagle valve     Dixon has announced the acquisition of Eagle America, Inc. effective November 1, 2012. Eagle America, established in 1979 and based in Warwick, RI, is a manufacturer of gate and globe bellows seal valves. The products are designed to control hazardous media such as chlorine gas, regulated fluids, purity gases, cryogenics, heat transfer fluids, and steam.
The company's products, which are sold under the Eagle America brand name, are used extensively in applications where environmental control and safety are of critical importance - particularly in the petroleum refining, chemical processing, nuclear power generation, solar energy, and pulp and paper segments.
Eagle America products are recognized for their ability to control hazardous media in environments where leak-free emissions control is an absolute necessity. In addition, the company provides engineering and design material consultation services.
Eagle America will become a division of Dixon. Its manufacturing facilities, administrative offices and employees will remain in Rhode Island. Raymond F. Grandchamp, Jr., Eagle America's president at the time of the acquisition, will become part of the new management team.
Bob Grace, president of Dixon, reported that the acquisition of Eagle America aligns with Dixon's strategic focus on energy technologies, as well as expanding the range of standard and engineered products and services it offers to the oil and gas, power generation, and chemical processing industry segments.
"Not only is this a close strategic fit for our respective companies, Eagle America products have a well-deserved reputation for performance and reliability. We are pleased to add these top-quality valves and capabilities to our product mix," Grace said.
Raymond Grandchamp underscored the strategic alignment between Dixon and Eagle America. "Dixon's strong world presence in the industrial marketplace opens up more opportunities for growing our business," he stated.
"We pride ourselves in our ability to support customers in delivering both standard and custom products quickly and responsively. Now we look forward to expanding our sales and marketing activities into segments where we previously did not have a presence," Grandchamp added.
The addition of Eagle America to Dixon's roster of industrial products comes at a time of heightened attention and scrutiny of plant and environmental safety conditions. EPA, OSHA and other governmental regulations are mandating stricter adherence to emissions standards than ever before, making Eagle America's bellows valves products the ideal solution.
The technology and design of Eagle America's bellows valves have been developed and perfected over the past 30 years. Bellows seals are considered by the EPA to be the "best available technology" to control fugitive emissions, having been proven to ensure zero stem leakage and fully satisfy environmental regulations. Consequently, Eagle America bellows valve products are a popular "no-risk" choice for LDAR, safety and environmental engineers.
As added benefits, Eagle America bellows valve products require no maintenance once installed, thereby eliminating the risk and cost of planned or unplanned plant downtime. They also prevent any corrosive or harmful atmospheric elements from entering the production process.
Eagle America provides a 5-year bellows fatigue warranty on standard products, and Dixon reported that this policy will be continued in the future.

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