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Control Valves NPP Kozloduy (Bulgaria) and NPP Rovno (Ukraine)
     In November 2016 Sempell successfully finalized the factory acceptance tests of primary circuit control valves ZBS5, former Babcock type 346-626, for NPP Rovno and NPP Kozloduy. The valves will be installed in the TK80-system of these VVER10007320 reactors. The function of the ТК80 system is the coolant withdrawal from the primary circuit and it is composed of a regenerative heat exchanger TK80W01, bleed water subcooler TK80W02 and the control valves TK81S02 and TK82S02.
The valves ТК81S02 and ТК82S02 are designed for the set coolant flow rate to be withdrawn from the primary circuit – “bleed” of the primary circuit. The valves ТК81S02 and ТК82S02 are also designed for the support of the set pressure by the change of bleed water flow rate through the valves during tightness pressure test of the primary circuit. The design pressure of the valves is 17,6 MPa, the design temperature is 350 degrees Celsius. The valve ensures a Kv = 4,6 m3/h and was adapted to demanding operation conditions with high differential pressures to be controlled. The valve is of bellow sealed type with Z-shaped body.

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