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Parcol opens new valve service center in Arconate, Italy
parcol new center
Parcol continues to expand its strong local presence: has opened a new service center specialized in control valve maintenance in Italy. The center, located in Arconate (MI) at CVB Valves Srl (a Parcol Group company) premises, will have a key role in supporting the maintenance services for power plants, refineries, chemical and petrochemical industries located in Italy, for all those activities required during shutdowns and for long-term maintenance programs. This investment enables Parcol to continue strengthening its unique control valve service model to support its customers’ businesses.

Durapipe UK valves go silicone free
durapipe valve
Continuing to expand our valve offering, Durapipe UK is now providing a range of silicone-free valves, specifically developed for use in paint and ink applications in industrial markets. While silicone-based lubricants can provide excellent lubricating properties and longevity, in certain painting and inking applications the presence of silicone could be detrimental. Silicone-based paints and inks can adhere to the silicone components in the valve causing contamination issues, which could result in surface defects and a poor quality finish.

AVK acquires Currumbin Manufacturing Facility & Wang Components Pty Ltd
News update
AVK has announced the completion of two strategic acquisitions that will position the AVK Australia Group as the leading supplier of valves and fittings to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

FAMAT teams up with Durcon Vice in Europe
FAMAT will be the official representative in charge of developing Durcon Vice Products on the European market. Durcon Group is a premium manufacturer of industrial valves in Brazil. It combines high standards in technology, quality and productivity with tradition, experience and reliability. Consequently, the partnership between the two companies is more than natural and consistent.

Netherlocks is now Sofis!
Company news
Netherlocks Safety Systems and Smith Flow Control have merged. Two global leaders in the field of valve operations have joined forces and moved on as Sofis. With our combined expertise, our united service team and a doubled office and partner network we are bigger and stronger and thus better able to give worldwide support and cater every market need. Over the last three decades we have led and developed the interlock market. We also devised new product segments by continuously bringing new ideas to fruition. Now it is time to take the next step and make your valve operations smarter, together.

New brochure on 100% port plug valve
valmatic 100percent port plug valve
Val-Matic’s has released a brochure on the enhanced 100% Port Eccentric ¼ turn Plug Valves. This brochure highlights the features of the 100% Port Plug Valve such as: welded-nickel seats, eccentric action, full size access covers, resilient encapsulated ductile iron plugs and full-discharge ports. Designed for wastewater and solids applications and ranging in sizes ½”-60” the 100% Port Plug Valve is NSF/ANSI 372 Certified Lead-Free, AWWA C517 Compliant and features ASME B16.1 Flanged Ends and AWWA C110 Mechanical Joint Ends.

Control Valves NPP Kozloduy (Bulgaria) and NPP Rovno (Ukraine)
sempell NPP
In November 2016 Sempell successfully finalized the factory acceptance tests of primary circuit control valves ZBS5, former Babcock type 346-626, for NPP Rovno and NPP Kozloduy. The valves will be installed in the TK80-system of these VVER10007320 reactors. The function of the ТК80 system is the coolant withdrawal from the primary circuit and it is composed of a regenerative heat exchanger TK80W01, bleed water subcooler TK80W02 and the control valves TK81S02 and TK82S02.

KGO O-Port Gate Valves designed for difficult and abrasive media
dezurik kgo o-port valves
KGO O-Port Gate Valves are designed to be used on virtually all types of liquids, slurries and dry materials. The valves are specially constructed to handle high-consistency paper stock, wood chips and fly ash, as well as slurries with high solids content and highly viscous fluids. KGO Valves are ideally suited for High Density Cleaners, Cyclones, Trash Dump Valves and Refiner Bypass or Isolation applications in the Pulp & Paper, Mining and Power industries.

Water industry to benefit from new Severn Utility Valves’ Midlands facility
severn utilities valves facility
logistics centre in Rugby, Warwickshire. The 11,300ft2 facility houses a comprehensive stockholding of valves and associated items for immediate despatch. It is strategically located within ten minutes of the M1 and M6, for fast and efficient transportation of products across the UK.

FSA Webinar This Friday - "How to Select the Correct Gasket"
Technical article
One of the most critical yet overlooked aspects to successful flange sealing is selecting the correct gasket. Due to an aging workforce and lack of shared sealing knowledge, more focus is needed to be put on selecting the proper gasket. Industry records show that 1 in every 5 gasket failures indicates improper gasket style or material was used. The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) is a manufacturer-based resource whose charter is educating industry including the correct selection of gasketing to ensure a safe and sound connection.

APCO Surge Relief Angle Valve limits potential damage to Fluid Pump Systems
dezurik apco valve
Engineered to limit potential damage to pump systems, the APCO Surge Relief Angle Valve (SRA) limits the surge pressure magnitude commonly associated with sudden pump shutdown in fluid piping systems. Designed with a smooth flow area and minimal obstructions for efficient surge relief, the SRA Valve protects the system by opening when the system pressure exceeds the relief pressure setting of the valve disc. As the disc opens, the surge pressure is spilled and dissipated through the valve. The valve will remain open as long as the system pressure exceeds the valve’s relief pressure setting, and slowly begin to close at an adjustable rate as pressure subsides.

Summit Valve and Controls to represent Bray exclusively in all of Western Canada
summit valve bray
Effective November 14, 2016, Summit Valve and Controls has been appointed as the new exclusive distributor for Bray Controls in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Bray is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of butterfly valves, actuators and accessories. Combined with their subsidiary brands (Flow-Tek ball valves, Check Rite check valves, VAAS knife gate valves), and a global sales and service network, Bray has been a trusted industry name since 1986.

Sempell awarded valves contract for NPP Fangchenggang Unit 3 + 4 in China
sempell NPP valves
Sempell was recently awarded the contract for the supply of equipment to Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant unit 3 and 4 in China. It is one of the first commercial reactors of type Hualong-1 (Dragon-1; HPR1000) based on a three-loop design. In August 2014 the National Nuclear Security Administration of China classified the design as a Generation III reactor design, with independently owned intellectual property rights.

Spirax Sarco launches uk-wide valve
News update
Spirax Sarco is launching a UK-wide valve refurbishment service for industrial valve-users. The new service will offer refurbishment and pressure testing, with accredited certification, on valves associated with industrial boilers and steam plants. Specifically, this includes pressure relief and safety, globe valves, parallel slide and pressure reducing valves.

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